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Connect with UCI students, alumni, faculty, staff and with our local community to build startups and support each other.

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Take your idea or company to the next level

Search for entrepreneurial minded people, startups, mentors, and cofounders.

Share best practices, support each other and form meaningful connections.

Discover unique resources and opportunities and learn from the community.

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Find or post a job in a startup

Collaborate and find individuals that complement your skills set.

Let others know about your interest in joining a startup.

Post jobs or internships in your venture.

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Get exclusive access to amazing entrepreneurial communities

Connect with UCI entrepreneurs in the ZotX network.

Expand beyond the ZotX network and connect with other schools.

Network with like-minded individuals and get exposure to unique opportunities.

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ZotX Accessibility

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We are committed to an entrepreneurship ecosystem that is accessible to all.

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